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Private lessons are tailored to the student's needs. In general however, a lesson will include note reading/theory, Aural, creative skills, general knowledge and many other little interesting things that get pulled out of the hat.

We understand the need for music students to not only enjoy their instrument in performance, but to also develop skills in:

  • fluent reading

  • aural

  • composition/improvisation

  • Theory

Performance in concert practice, competitions, exams etc are all available to the student but are completely optional.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are taught on a Yamaha C3 grand piano with adjustable stool and adjustable foot rest (if needed). Students can learn a wide range of styles and preparation for AMEB graded exams is optional. Also optional is participation in piano Eisteddfods. Yearly student concerts are a great way to gain performance experience and to integrate with other students.

AMEB has 2 syllabus' for piano. The original is the classical or some people call it the 'full syllabus'. It can be demanding if you are preparing for exams as there is more content to fulfill than the other syllabus. The AMEB has recently updated the technical work requirements and I think it is a vast improvement and I recommend it to many students. It is not for all though, so this is where the 'Piano for Leisure' syllabus comes in. This relatively newer program is excellent for those wishing to complete graded exams but have less time to prepare. It covers a wide range of styles from classical to jazz, pop and other styles. It is also a good program to use even if a student does not want to sit for exams.

Those students who don't fit into wanting either of the above have plenty of options such as learning how to play their favourite pop songs, learn to improvise, or use alternative method books.

Please note that from the first lesson of an absolute beginner, there is around 1-2 years (usually) before a student is ready for exam levels.

Adult beginners are most WELCOME!

Music Theory Class

Students who have sufficient music theory knowledge will enhance the learning of their instrument immensely.

Larisse recognises that many students view music theory study as a boring and tedious exercise (as she once felt that way herself!). So she has invented new ways that are fun, hands on and interactive with other students, to discover these concepts in a fun and natural way. Her goal is to make the discovery of music, fun!

Students will develop:

  • an understanding of varied music styles/genres

  • understand other instrument's workings

  • be able to gain the skill to compose their own music.

General theory rudiments

Students can learn theory integrated into their practical lesson, take a private lesson in theory or attend a group theory class.

Now taking expressions of interest for a music theory class for accelerated learning. Please register your interest by emailing

AMEB Music Craft

Now offering a comprehensive course to prepare students for AMEB Music Craft exams. AMEB does offer an online theory course but only for the 'Theory of Music' Syllabus. There is also a 3rd syllabus - 'Musicianship' but there is already a lot of support and materials out there for it. Music Craft is the newest music theory course by AMEB and is the most comprehensive of the 3 courses. Not many teachers are familiar with it because they stick to the comfort of the other two courses that they know. The books are also quite expensive in comparison to Musicianship and Theory of Music.

So why change to Music Craft? The other 2 courses are also quite good but they focus on different things. Music Craft is more work but it has advantages such as it covers Aural right from the start, uses both British/Australian and American terminology so is more internationally workable. It uses a different labeling system for scale degrees and chords - the system also used widely internationally. There are also modules on learning about instruments of the orchestra and analysis of set works. It is (in my opinion) a superior course. The easier road is not always the best road!

So, I have been working hard at putting together a comprehensive online course to prepare for Music Craft exams. It will cover everything you need to know and there are written and video modules as well as quizzes, printables and forums. I will give support along the way via email and the forums and occasional a live chat/video sessions. All this for $99AUD (preliminary level) and enrollment is open for 12 months. Preliminary level course will be available from July 1 2019. To access the course, you need to email and I will send you login details to the Moodle learning portal.

Violin Lessons

Hayden is now accepting expressions of interest for new students under his tutelage.

Rates: 1st lessons free! Then $28 per half an hour.

Locations: Mount Colah, Hornsby and Berrilee

For more information, contact him direct on:

Mobile: 0449 763 699


Pre-school Classes

I have been teaching Pre-school group lessons for 10 years at various locations.


Now looking for expressions of interest in Mount Colah and surrounding areas. If you would like me to start group lessons at your centre, please contact me for more information.

Students must be enrolled in the preschool and starting school in the following year.

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are for all ages. Some teachers do not teach singing until students are 12 years old but I believe that singing is very natural to the youngest learners (as I see each week with my pre-schoolers). Lessons are conducted in an age appropriate way including content of songs.

Students will learn about technique such a breathing and control of the voice through exercises. Songs taught will also develop a student's skills. Use of solfege - particularly for young learners, is encouraged. Reading of music notation is not necessary but can be helpful.

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lessons are now available online to students that can't make it to their face to face lesson due to sickness or other transport issues or when we are in Covid lockdown/isolation. Online lessons are also available worldwide to students - this may suit students in isolated areas where they can't have access to a teacher.

What are online lessons??

online lessons are lessons via a computer or tablet using a webcam. It is not a pre-recorded lesson although lessons can be recorded so you can view them and revise later. An advantage to face to face lessons! All you need is a laptop, computer or ipad with a webcam and good internet. If you have a digital piano with midi capabilities you will have an advantage as we can connect our digital pianos online.

I am fully equipped with 2 digital pianos - one is a hybrid digital. I have at least 2 webcams with a face to face view and overhead view. I can share my screen and I will have a digital copy of your music so that I can notate on it so you know what to work on.

Challenges of online lessons

* lessons can be recorded for future viewing

* convenience of staying at home and on your own instrument

* save on time and petrol

* you can even participate in online recitals!

* you can still have a lesson even if you are contagious with an illness (as long as you feel up to it)

Disadvantages of online lessons

* A technical learning curve may be needed to use the software and devices

* you need to be set up with the equipment in order to start.

* occasionally there may be issues with interruptions of internet speeds or software glitz.

* students need to be able to make notes on their own music - which isn't quite a disadvantage, it is just different to face to face as the teacher would normally do it.

* duet work is not practical due to a slight time delay over the internet. (to get around this, I can pre-record the duet part for you to practice with)