Our Teachers

Piano, Singing and Music Theory Teacher

Larisse Kelly

Qualifications: DipMusT(piano), AdvCertMus(piano), BMus. Australian Music Teacher Association accredited. Teacher (20+ years), Mother of a 21 year old boy.

Interests: Education, Dance, Music Theatre, singing, Piano, Animals, Art, photography, writing.

Larisse is always continuing her education in Music and Music pedagogy. Her main aim in teaching music is to encourage enjoyment and expression through music. She is influenced by the Dalcroze philosophy of teaching which includes understanding of music by less conventional means such as through movement. She hopes that in the future she can develop an original teaching method which is influenced by methods such as Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff and Suzuki as well as learning from her own studio teaching as to what works with children.

She understands the need for music students to not only enjoy their instrument in performance, but to learn and embrace music as a whole. Including reading fluency, aural skills, understanding of varied music styles/genres and to be able to gain the skills to compose their own music if they wish.

She is always trying innovative methods of teaching that are fun, hands on and interactive with other students (if possible).

Students that discover music in a fun and natural way are more likely to take their own initiative to stick to the commitment of learning music for life.


email: larisse@playpiano.com.au

mobile: 0449 793 717

Violin Teacher

Hayden White is a young new teacher offering his skills and knowledge in music and violin. He has a special interest in historical performance and instruments. He has a large focus on developing technique on the instrument and working on expression, particularly following the original composer's intentions. He is a UNSW student studying a double degree in Music and Science

Hayden is a regular performer in the Mosman Symphony orchestra in Sydney, Balmain orchestra and has also performed with the Bourbaki Ensemble in Newtown.

Contact: hpwhite9@gmail.com